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Home DNA Kit – Order NOW

The Most Accurate DNA Paternity Testing and the Most Economical Test Option in your LOCAL community…without leaving your Home!

If you do not need a DNA test for a legal matter and only want to take a test strictly for personal knowledge, and you cannot come into our office with the child, then a HOME DNA test might be the best choice for you.

With a HOME DNA test you personally collect your own DNA samples “by yourself”, at your own convenience. See below for details.

You can also pick up the kit at one of our office locations for an extra fee (Prices for pick up vary by location).

NOTE: The prices below includes the shipping (both ways – to you and back to us), the kit, the test cost and the results!

Paternity Home Test Kit: $150 – Call Now to Order 



(This price includes shipping, kit, the test and the results)

Basic Test (1 Child & 1 Alleged Father)
This kit is mailed to you by USPS Priority Mail (1-3 business days – depending the State) and by UPS next day back to the lab for testing (results as early as 3 business days).


For an extra fee, you can pick up a Home DNA Test  kit at one of our local offices  and also drop the samples back to us on same day. Or you may even drop off samples in a UPS box or UPS store instead of bringing it back. By picking up the self – kit from us, it will allow us to show you how to collect the DNA samples properly making you feel more comfortable in doing your own collection. A fifty ($50.00 deposit will be required for a kit pick up) call for details!



Broward: (954) 476-1818 — Dade: (786) 344-4647 — Palm Beach: (561) 430-2060 — Nationwide: (888) 623-7504

IMPORTANT: NEW YORK RESIDENTS – Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, HOME DNA Testing is not available for sale to residents of the State of New York.

Terms & Conditions

By placing your order with All About Truth DNA Services, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Although the information contained in this website is accurate and up to date, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made to its accuracy or completeness.

Since in-home test DNA samples are being obtained without a strict chain of custody, the origin of such samples cannot be verified by either All About Truth DNA Services, it's employees, or the testing laboratory and therefore test results cannot be used in a court of law or for immigration purposes. This test is for personal use only.

In compliance with the New York State Department of Health regulations, we do not make in-home testing available to residents of New York. In this regard, All About Truth DNA Services disclaims any legal responsibility from its use of our online services to circumvent this regulation.

Test results are released only when all charges and payments made have cleared and have been paid in full.

Fees are non-refundable once we have shipped the DNA Home-self kit you purchased online.

Genetic mutations sometimes occur in ordinary, healthy people. These mutations surface in approximately 1-2% of paternity cases. When they do, the final test results depend on careful interpretation of the data by the laboratory scientists. If an inconsistency is detected, any guarantees on conclusiveness and turnaround time are void. Such inconsistencies often require extended testing which may affect probabilities of paternity and length of test duration.

Due to the complexity of genetic inheritance and despite extended testing procedures, some special tests (including Siblingship tests and genetic reconstruction) may reveal insufficient data to yield a definite exclusion or inclusion.

All About Truth DNA Services limits its liability to the cost of the test and disclaims liability for other losses, direct or indirect, arising from
the test results.

We are not responsible for incorrect or misspelled names on the report as it is provided by you and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to understand the handwriting of the person who wrote it. Once the report has been generated, we will not be able to alter it in any manner and therefore will not be able to correct any spelling of any names.

Broward: (954) 476-1818 --- Dade: (786) 344-4647 --- Palm Beach: (561) 430-2060 --- Nationwide: (888) 623-7504

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