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Can you do a DNA paternity test before the baby is born?

Yes with our newest technology, performed with a simple blood draw of the mother and a simple mouth swab for the father.

Paternity can now be establish before the baby is born, performing the non-invasive prenatal DNA test option offered by All About Truth DNA Services.  We can start testing as early as 5 ½ weeks of pregnancy until before the birth of the child.

The test is 99.9% accurate or greater and it will provide whether or not the father tested is indeed the father or not.  It is completely accurate and confidential and you will no longer have to wait for the birth of the baby to know the answer you seek.

We have several options for pricing, such as our 5 – 7 business day test option for the results as well as a 3 week test option for results at a lesser price.  We also provide payment plans.

Please give us a call to discuss your personal situation with one of our specialist at 954-476-1818 Broward; 786-344-4647 Dade; or (561) 430-2060 for West Palm Beach

or visit our website to read more at this link Prenatal Paternity Testing.

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