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Can a Paternity test be performed without the mother?

Yes. Test results are as conclusive without the mother’s participation in a paternity test. Mothers are encouraged to be part of the testing process as we provide test results to all the adult tested parties.  If the mother is not present for the testing process or is not part of the test, we cannot and will not be able to provide the mother with test results.

Another reason why the mother should be included in testing is when the possible fathers of the child are directly biologically related such as brothers or father and son.  In those cases, extensive analysis would be required to yield conclusive results and adding the mother would yield the highest probability to obtain conclusive results.

Also, a mother should also be added to any family relationship test when the father is missing and a paternity DNA test is not an option due to the father missing, unwilling or deceased.  In such cases, a family relationship test can be performed with paternal relatives or siblings.  However, the participation of the mother, although in some cases not necessary, it is advised.

So that you understand this example, you must know that 50% of a child’s DNA is from their mother and the other 50% is from their father. As an example, let’s take a sibling DNA Test, where there are two separate mothers wanting to know if their child share the same father or not.  Since the two mothers provide 50% of their own DNA to their own children; by including those two mothers in the test, we can identify the markers that match each of the mother to their child and what would be left to test is the other 50% belonging to the father of the child.

What is left and tested would have to match to say that both the children tested would be from the same father making them half siblings since they don’t share the same mother.  If they don’t share that 50% of their father’s DNA then the children would not be related at all since they don’t share the same mother either.

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