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All About Truth DNA Testing Services now offering our self – administered Home DNA kit for Paternity testing — $150.00 total price (mail-in orders only).  

We are one of the leading most trusted DNA testing companies located right here in South Florida. We have been offering reliable and accurate DNA testing in Florida for over 9 years and have grown locally as well as nationally.

dna testing aabb accredited labSince there are no AABB accredited laboratories in the State of Florida (which is required for legally admissible test results as well as for immigration cases) we have contracted with one of the largest DNA testing companies around allowing us to offer the highest quality of DNA testing services locally and one-on-one.

We are well known for our excellent customer care, service and reputation for helping each individual with the utmost care, from start to finish. Starting with our most economical price of just $150 for a Home Paternity kit (do it your self DNA testing), we also offer several other options of DNA testing to meet your specific need and situation as highlighted below or from our drop down menu above.

Please give us a call today or click on the colored links below or the buttons above for more details and options,  don’t delay as NOW IS THE TIME TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!!

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Depending on your specific need and/or your budget, our offices provide several options for paternity testing. There are other family relationship testing options if the alleged father is deceased, unwilling, or unavailable for testing (Please click on the DNA testing Service menu’s above for detailed description of each option or call our office today!).

All tests below are performed by a painless simple buccal swab (also called cheek swab) that is placed on the inside of the mouth and rubbed against the cheek to obtain the cells that contain the DNA needed for the analysis. Depending on which test is chosen, test results typically take 3 business days.

  • Court Admissible – Legal DNA Testing:  AABB accredited Laboratory. Notarized results, strict chain of Custody followed, persons tested must be identified, photographed, and samples MUST be tamper proofed. Results in as little as 3 business days. (Click this link for more detail)
  • Non-Legal, Peace of Mind Test: Private, for your own personal knowledge only. Same quality of testing as our in office legal testing above, however results cannot be used for court or legal purposes as we do not identify those being tested. Nor do we tamper proof the samples or photograph those that were tested.  We provide results in as little as 3 business days (Call us or Click this link for more detail)
  • DNA Home Kits/Self-kits:  Starting at just $150.00 and cheaper than the pharmacy store brand, the do it yourself DNA collection kit (using our collection kit) is available by way of ordering online for $150.00 or it can be picked up at one of our office locations listed below for an additional fee. (Pick up pricing may vary by location).  Price includes kit, test, shipping to you and back to us and the test results delivery which is in as little as 3 business days.  Please click the tab above to “Order your Kit Now” (Please call or click any of the underlined links to take you to the page for more details)
  • Discreet DNA Testing or Create Your Own DNA Test Kit: using biological materials left behind or obtained secretly such as ear wax on Q-tips, hair, finger nail clippings, gum, toothbrush etc. (Please call or click this link for more details)
  • Prenatal DNA Testing (DNA Testing While Pregnant): We can perform DNA testing before the baby is born using the latest non-invasive technology. (click the link here to learn more about the several procedures we offer)
  • Deceased Individual: Using other family members for family relationship testing or using the Medical Examiner’s Office preserved samples such as blood or tissue or by exhuming a body and obtaining samples such as teeth or bone samples
  • Family Relationship DNA Testing: We can test other family members if the alleged father is deceased, unwilling, or unavailable for testing.  See our “Other Testing Service” menu above for other options or click this link to take you to the page or you can just call our office today!
  • AABB Certified Immigration DNA Testing for USCIS/Embassy Cases: We are experienced and certified in the collection process required by the USCIS and the Embassies throughout the world to perform DNA testing for immigration matters. Our contracted lab is accredited and listed on the AABB.org site allowing us to provide YOU one-on-one care from start to finish LOCALLY.  (Call us for details)>
  • Infidelity DNA Test (cheating spouse or significant other): We will test personal items such as under garments, condoms and any other item for sperm, saliva, blood and/or DNA evidence left by either a male or a female (click this link to go to the page with details)


We can deliver results in several ways depending on the test option chosen, we first call you with results (you MUST provide a password or code word for this option), fax, email, mail, and/or pick up.  Since we provide payment option, results can only be given once the test has been paid in full. We cannot provide results to you if you have a balance owed. All results for standard paternity testing will be given in 3 working days. All other test options may take longer depending on the test selected.


Besides taking credit cards, debit cards as well as cash payments at our local office locations; we also offer easy payment options that can be easily spread out into 2 months. You can start your payment options with as little as $100 down for most test options. Please call our office for specific details if you are interested in this method of payment. Please note that test results cannot be released until the balance is fully paid. Restrictions apply, please inquire within or call us for more details.



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